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UndergroundRacerz is a text-based RPG, set in the underground world where only the strongest, sharpest and fastest. survive.
In the underground world, you can do anything and be anyone. Will you rule the streets with respect by becoming the greatest Street Racer around with a crew of supporters and followers listening to your every word?
Will you become a Criminal Mastermind and rule with fear as the leader of a criminal syndicate?
Or will you be a Business Entrepreneur leading a business empire never before seen in the underground world?
As a new player you will start of weak, poor, and pitiful. The underground world is unforgiving but opportunities for fame and riches are everywhere. Other lowlifes roaming the streets won't hesitate about attacking you for the few dollars you have. Will you roam the streets alone or will you join a crew and conquer the streets together?
To survive you will need to fight your way to the top of the underground food chain. You will need to get dirty and commit crimes to get some cash, buy and modify a car to take part in street races, workout hard in the gym, and attack other players to help "redistribute the wealth".
But they aren't the only ways you can develop. Join or create a crew to take part in group organised crimes, help fellow racerz by busting them from jail, get a job and earn a daily income along with other employment perks, develop your mind at the online university, risk it all at the local casino, buy & sell items for a profit in your own online store, collect bounties, travel the world, smuggle items around the world! The list is endless and constantly growing...
In the Underground world, the possibilities are limitless! The game provides you with the challenges and opportunity to create the Underground legend that you are destined to be. The more the play, the more underground features become available.
Create your character, build your empire, and conquer the underground world. One race at a time!
UndergroundRacerz originally launched in 2007, and is back following a complete redevelopment from the ground up!
The game is currently under Beta testing, with some features currently unavailable.


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